chocolate marble cake

As all Brits will know, today is Children in Need, the BBC’s annual fundraiser for, well, children in need. Each year there is a huge televised charity appeal where celebrities perform songs or sketches and members of the public are encouraged to phone in and donate money to the appeal. People are also encouraged to do things to raise money, such as a sponsored swim or (for men) waxing their legs in front of an audience.

My dad’s office are once again having a bake sale, so he asked me to make something.

I got an idea in my head that I wanted the cake to represent childhood. Even though it is going to be eaten by middle-aged office workers, I wanted it to be something that will remind people of being a kid again. Hopefully this cake will have done the job!

The recipe is Mary Berry’s chocolate and vanilla marble loaf, which can easily be found online. You can’t see in the picture, but when the cake is cut open it should reveal a swirly marbled effect from the chocolate and vanilla cake batters. I doubled the quantities and cooked the mixture in two separate springform cake tins to make a layer cake. Once the two layers were cool, I sliced off the top which had risen too high (for aesthetic purposes, obviously) and ate it (for quality control purposes, obviously)! I then sandwiched the two layers together with white chocolate buttercream, covered the top with dark chocolate buttercream and decorated it with Maltesers, Smarties and white chocolate curls.



I know I was trying to be more adventurous with my baking, but I think I’m definitely back on safer ground with cake!


3 thoughts on “chocolate marble cake

  1. Pat(ricia)

    Holy things all delicious! Was it a hit? I BET it was. It looks totally awesome! Really satisfying and yummy. It has that “kid-like” appeal – which means the adults should have all come out to play – ohhh …. wow. Are you a baker of cakes? Maybe you should be …. lol …. obviously it’s an interest and passion – so hmmm …. can we have an online slice? 😉


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