working girl

Monday morning was a shock to the system. I’d forgotten what 6:30 in the morning looks like.

But now it’s Wednesday and I feel like I’m getting into a routine. I get to the station just before 8:00 and hover on the platform, coffee in hand, as I try to predict where the train doors will stop. You need to get onto the train quickly to get a seat. I’ve managed it every morning so far, and since the crowd on the 8:00 train are commuters rather than pensioners or mums with kids, I don’t feel too bad about fighting for a seat. As soon as I’ve bagged one I sink into my book for just under an hour, until the train pulls into London. Then it’s a brisk 20 minute walk to the office. As long as my train isn’t delayed I can make it just in time.

My walk to the office is exceptionally beautiful. I’ve never been a huge fan of London, but walking past Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey every day is quite something. I’m starting to see what everyone is on about.

Nevertheless, it baffles me that there are tourists taking selfies on Westminster Bridge at 9:00. In winter. I mean… come on guys, it’s early! It’s cold. It’s a long time until lunch. Whatever. If I were on a city holiday I would stay in bed until at least 9:30!

I think I’m going to enjoy my job, but there is a lot to learn. I’m the new girl, I don’t know anyone, I don’t know my way around the building yet, and the whole way of working is completely different to what I’m used to. But the people are nice, the work is interesting, and my best friend Lizzie works nearby, so we can meet up for lunch. Yesterday I went exploring in my lunch break and discovered a little road full of street stalls, selling food from all over the world. I think it will become my go-to place to grab something to eat.

I may be the new girl, but I’m a grown up girl. I’ve got my favourite mug with me and I’ve figured out my lunch options and the shortest route between the station and the office. Priorities, right?

I think I’ll survive!


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