christmas cake

I was supposed to be at work today, but due to what we in the legal profession would call a “force majeure event”, (i.e. circumstances beyond my control) I wasn’t able to get there. I arrived in London yesterday morning amid gale force winds and dire warnings not to attempt to travel in the afternoon unless it was absolutely necessary. So I went into the office, picked up a couple of files and came home again. Today there are no trains at all between here and London, so I have an unexpected day off.

So, I thought it might be a good opportunity to finish off the Christmas cake I’ve been making.

I made the fruit cake a couple of months ago, using this Jamie Oliver recipe I found online.

Since then I have been gradually “feeding” it with brandy every few days, until the bottle was empty. (Yes, it smells extremely alcoholic!)

Then a few days ago I covered it with rolled-out marzipan, using apricot baking glaze to stick the marzipan to the cake. After leaving it for a couple of days to dry, I added ready-to-roll white icing on top.

Today was the fun bit… decorating!

The trees and snowman are made out of icing coloured with different colours of food dye, and I sprinkled some edible white glitter on top.

What do you think?



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