happy new year

For me it’s a quiet start to 2014, after a fairly hectic Christmas.

Last weekend my parents and I went to see some old family friends. Their daughter Amy is three years younger than me, and when we were kids she was like the little sister I always wanted but never got. She was so adorable back then. These days she’s about six foot tall, with impossibly long legs, platinum blonde hair and supermodel good looks. The kind of girl I might find intimidating, were it not for the fact that personality-wise, she has not changed. At all.

We went to their house for dinner, and then the two of us and our four parents sat around playing board games and getting increasingly drunk, before the older generation finally called it a night at about 2am, and Amy and I stayed up until 5am and polished off another couple of bottles of wine. Then we went to bed and giggled like teenagers.

It was brilliant fun, but I paid for it the next day. We had to drive from their house to pick my grandma up and bring her back to stay with us for a few days. On the way to Grandma’s I sat in the back seat of the car, stomach churning, eyes fixed on the road ahead, counting down the miles on the road signs. As soon as we arrived I had to go and lie down for half an hour, much to the consternation of Grandma, who is teetotal and doesn’t understand what it is to be hungover. When it was time to leave again, however, my parents took pity on me. They put me in the front seat and my mum took over the driving, as she drives much more smoothly than my dad. Despite her incredibly gentle driving (you could have put an eggcup full of water on the dashboard and it wouldn’t have spilt) I had to make her stop several times so I could get out and breathe deep lungfuls of air until the nausea had passed again. (Apparently Grandma suggested taking a photo of me in my sorry state and putting it on Facebook.)

New Year’s Eve, unsurprisingly, was a rather more civilised affair. Largely due to the fact that our boyfriends and close friends are all in various different countries at the moment, Annabel and I decided to have a girlie night in. We roasted a chicken and watched a feel-good film. At about 11:30 we wrapped up warm, hopped on the tube and went to Tower Bridge, where we were able to watch some of the firework display over London. We didn’t see all that much because we were quite far away, but it was fun and atmospheric. We were hugged and wished happy new year by various complete strangers, and we shared our bottle of prosecco around.

Yesterday we stayed inside out of the rain, watched more films and made soup, bread and resolutions.


1) Dry January. Not touching a drop until 1st February!!!

2) Run the Bath half marathon in March. (Wish me luck!)

3) Blog more regularly.

What are yours?


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