january blues

The first Monday in January is officially the most depressing day of the year. Apparently it is the day when the highest number of people commit suicide and file for divorce. That’s not a very pleasant thought, but I suppose it should make me feel a little better about my own life, even if I’m not feeling like a ray of sunshine right now.

Here are some of the things which happened today:

1) I sat on a stationary train for ages, surrounded by grey-faced commuters frantically tapping away at their laptops and blackberries, because someone had jumped in front of a train.

2) My feet got completely soaked on the walk to work because the new shoes I bought less than two months ago are rubbish and the soles have already got holes in, but I haven’t yet got round to sending them back.

3) The rest of me got completely soaked on the walk to work due to the horizontal rain and gale force winds, which also turned my umbrella inside out and whacked me on the head with it.

4) I forgot my security pass for the office, which meant I couldn’t get in or out of any of the internal doors without a chaperone. (As I have a very small bladder, this meant I had to forego my half-hourly cups of tea.)

5) I went to the post office at lunchtime to renew my driving licence (which had to be done today) and was given a ticket which informed me that there were 66 people ahead of me in the queue, most of whom were pensioners with nothing else to do all day.

6) I had to give a client some advice he really didn’t want to hear and he was really difficult about it and demanded a second opinion from someone more senior than me.

7) By 4 o’clock I was feeling so annoyed about all of the above (especially the fact that my feet were still wet) that I ate all four of the Kitkats I was keeping in my locker and then felt even worse.

8) Olivier has been gone for three weeks now, and it’s finally sinking in that I am not going to Paris next weekend, and he is not coming here, but we actually won’t be seeing each other for months.

9) I could really do with a large glass of wine but I’m not drinking in January and I’m already surprised (and discomfited) by how hard I’m finding it. Eek.

I know this is all trivial in the context of suicide and divorce and illness and war and poverty, and I really ought to shut up. 

But still… today can do one. Now, where did I hide the chocolate?


6 thoughts on “january blues

  1. David Navarre

    As much as it might benefit weight loss, neither Melissa nor I would dare trying a “Wine-free January”. Maybe a single “Wine-free Tuesday”, but more likely “Free Wine January”!

  2. Cristin's Adventures

    Aw, I am so sorry to hear this ;( January has been one hell of a challenging month! I am grateful to be traveling, but I am still pretty depressed that my purse was stolen with about $1000 worth of stuff in it. Internet is shit here, so making plans is difficult, especially since I have no phone to try other wifis at restaurants, etc. I have one super ass of a friend who is filthy rich and has done nothing but make me feel like the worst traveler ever for having had my purse stolen, yet he can’t relate with ANYTHING in my life or really anyone else’s. So I hear you! I am ready for February and I pray that it is a MUCH better month for us all 😉 I want to like your post, but the wifi here in Laos is so bad that it won’t load the like button. Hang in there! I will send you some reiki healing energy 🙂

  3. chrllrobb.blog

    I know this is a month later than when you posted, but I feel for you. Praying your February is going better than January. Hopefully your weather is better than ours this month. It is just COLD here in Kansas. Too cold for me, a life long Kansan!

    1. pépère the cat Post author

      The weather in the US has been crazy this winter. Ours has been crazy too, but in a different way. We’ve had no snow but it has been raining almost constantly since before Christmas and we’ve now got almost Biblical flooding. Google “flooding on the Somerset levels” and you’ll see what I mean. I really want it to stop now! But at least I don’t have frostbite!

      1. chrllrobb.blog

        So sorry to hear about all the flooding. I think I would rather have to deal with the snow. We will get a benefit from the moisture when it melts. Glad it won’t be enough to flood. The worlds weather seems to be another sign of the times. Stay safe and as dry as possible.

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