on the wagon

OK, so my new year’s resolution about blogging more often isn’t going so well. However, I’m doing a bit better with my other resolutions.

Twelve days into January and I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol. So far I’m feeling great, sleeping better and learning to tell the difference between when I really want to drink and when I’m just drinking out of habit. Since I moved back home in September I’ve been drinking a lot more because my parents drink pretty much every night, and when someone offers me wine with dinner, I kind of need a reason to say no. So doing Dry January is my reason for saying no, and so far it’s working out pretty well for me. I won’t say it’s been entirely easy.

On Friday I had an absolutely manic day at work, where I basically discovered a big mess that someone had created and realised I will have to sort it out. So that was fairly stressful, and I had to speak to that person on the phone and politely suggest that they don’t try to do any more on this particular job and just let me handle it, without making him feel like an idiot. (Which he is. He is a complete idiot. But in the interests of workplace relations I decided not to make my feelings clear.) By six o’clock I’d have killed for a glass of wine, but I wasn’t allowed!

I went for dinner with Lizzie and Annabel and a couple of our other friends from university, and then we went on to a cocktail bar, which luckily had a great selection of virgin cocktails as well as a mouthwatering list of alcoholic ones. When I ordered a raspberry cooler at the bar, the barmaid asked me if I was doing Dry January and I said I was, so she told me she was too. We had a chat about it, and then she gave me the drink on the house, which was lovely! So despite the fact that I was on the wagon, I had a great night, barring one highly embarrassing incident where I shifted in my chair and it completely collapsed. As in, literally broke into pieces. Once Lizzie had helped me up off the floor and everyone had stopped laughing, Annabel remarked coolly, “it’s a good thing you’re not fat, otherwise that could have been really embarrassing.”

Yeah… thanks, Annie.

This weekend has been mostly about half marathon training and crossing things off my to-do list. Yesterday I did a fast three mile run, and today I did a slow and painful ten mile one (although I did have to stop and walk for a bit in the middle). Although I stretched loads and even had an ice bath when I got home, my legs feel like lead right now, and I’m not optimistic about my prospects of getting up and down stairs tomorrow!

The ice bath was a first… I filled the bath with about eight inches of cold water and chucked in some ice cubes. Then I put a really warm jumper on my top half and made myself a cup of tea to help keep warm. The first time I lowered my legs in I could only kneel. The second time I managed to actually sit down and stretch my legs out in front of me. It actually felt amazing on my legs… the only problem was that my feet got far too cold. They’re always the coldest part of my body, and they just couldn’t take the ice bath. But on my legs…amazing! So for next time I need to put something in the bath to rest my feet on so I can keep them out of the water.

This is the real reason I haven’t been blogging. I’m afraid running five times a week, working full-time and being temporarily teetotal is making me rather boring and stopping me from coming up with any decent blog material. All work and no play makes Pep a dull girl, so I promise to have some fun soon!

Anyway, it’s bedtime. I hope everyone has a great week!


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