american adventure

After several months of sensible and frugal living I have just emptied my bank account and booked a holiday to New York. My travelling buddy Jess is turning 30 this year and wanted to do something cool, and I need something fun to look forward to while Olivier is away, so we decided to go for a long weekend in the Big Apple!

We’ll be going at the end of April, so hopefully the polar vortex will have gone and we might get some nice warm spring weather. And it’ll give me some time to replenish my depleted bank account before we go so I can enjoy everything properly.

What should we do? Where should we go? What’s unmissable?

I’m hopping with excitement! (OK, that’s a lie, I’m sitting at the kitchen table drinking tea, but mentally I am hopping with excitement!)

But oh so skint now.

Probably a good thing I don’t have much on the agenda for the next month apart from half marathon training!


One thought on “american adventure


    I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip to New York. I have never been there. I would like to see the 911 Trade Center Memorial. Otherwise I have never had much desire to go to New York. And see the Statue of Liberty. Be safe and enjoy your trip.


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