signs of life

I’m working from home today.

Most days I sit in my high-windowed office on the eighth floor of a cold and draughty building, shivering under my many layers of clothing and barely aware of what the weather is doing outside. It is only during my twice-daily walks to and from the station that I am exposed to the near-constant rain and bitter wind that seems to penetrate my very bones.

But not today. Today I am sitting at my kitchen table and the sun is shining. Today the window is open and I can hear the birds singing and the distant noise of a lawn mower. Today I went into the garden with my cup of tea and saw these tiny purple flowers shooting up through the grass.


A sign, perhaps, that spring is around the corner.


One thought on “signs of life

  1. New York Cliche

    IM SO JEALOUS! Today NYC is covered with snow, in what seems like the 4th snow storm this month! Green and signs of life feel so far away. I will live vicariously through you 🙂 thanks for the picture.


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