london, paris, new york

So the last time I blogged I was sitting in the sunshine on my last day in New York and I promised a big blog post about everything I got up to. That was nearly two weeks ago and…nothing. I’d be surprised if anyone reads this blog any more!

In my defence, I got home, had severe jet lag and then went straight back to work where I had the busiest two weeks since I started back in November.

Then on Friday Olivier arrived and we’ve been spending some time just enjoying each other’s company and exploring London. (Or trying to… Half the tube lines are out of action this weekend for engineering works, and then on Monday they’re going on strike for three days…joy!)

He arrived late on Friday night, having missed his Eurostar because he turned up at Gare du Nord at the time his train was supposed to be arriving at St Pancras (minus the time difference). I wasn’t best pleased, but at least I had time to leave the office, get back to Annabel and Giorgio’s flat (where we’re staying this week – thanks guys!) and make myself look more presentable. Lizzie said, “You haven’t seen each other for two months, I doubt the first thing he’s going to say when he sees you is jeez, you could have done your hair…“. I’m sure she’s right, but still. That extra couple of hours meant we didn’t have to put it to the test!

Yesterday we spent some time walking in Southwark Park, stopped off at Borough Market for lunch, and then just wandered the streets of London until we got tired. Unfortunately I didn’t realise how many tube lines were out of action, so we tried to take a train from Bank station and everything was closed. If you know London at all, you’ll know that even the shops and cafés in that part of London just close at weekends. It’s one of the busiest parts of the city all week, but come Saturday, it’s dead. So we stopped off at St Paul’s cathedral and lay in the sun for a bit, eating the fruit we’d bought at Borough Market earlier on.


It was lovely, but from now on I am not leaving the flat without checking the travel updates on the TfL website first. Olivier thinks all of this is hilarious, and won’t stop mocking the London transport system. It’s true… Everything runs better in Paris even when they are on strike (which, despite the reputation the French have for striking all the time, is not as often as the tube workers strike here!)…

I’ll try and blog some more about what we get up to in London this week. Then it’s Paris next weekend, and then I’ll finally get round to writing about New York.

PS – that makes my life sound much more exciting than it really is!!


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