genesis cinema, whitechapel

Olivier and I had a lovely week in London, doing the kinds of things we would do if our careers didn’t require us to be in different countries and we were able to live together. We had a Sunday roast at a tiny pub in Pimlico. We cooked meals in the flat. We drank wine and put the world to rights with Giorgio. And we also managed to spend an evening catching up with two of Oliver’s cousins, who live in London. During the day I went to work, and Olivier amused himself in the Royal Air Force Museum in Edgware and the Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

On Thursday we wanted to go to the cinema. Because I object to paying the £10+ that Odeon and all the bigger cinemas charge these days, I looked online to see whether there were any cheaper places in the area. To my surprise, I discovered the Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel. Admittedly the screens were a little small, but for £5.50 per adult ticket, we weren’t complaining. Having arrived a little early, we had a drink in their cafe first.



We chose to see The Amazing Spiderman 2, which didn’t disappoint. I love a good superhero film, particularly when his girlfriend is as cool as Gwen Stacy.

I have to admit I was frequently distracted from the plot by Emma Stone’s outfits. When I mentioned this to Olivier afterwards, he said, “Oh yes, as soon as I saw her I thought, Pep will want these clothes. Especially the coat she was wearing in the Chinese restaurant, the yellow one.

“I LOVED the yellow coat!”

How well he knows me…

Anyway, if you’re in London, check out the Genesis cinema. It’s cute, friendly and super cheap. Oh, and pretty easy to get to, within easy walking distance of Whitechapel and Bethnal Green stations.

After a busy week in London, we’re now in Paris. Having arrived late last night and had a long lunch with Olivier’s family, we have yet to leave the house. With the rain pouring down outside, I don’t really want to. But it’s a friend’s birthday, so in a while we will brave the weather and head out.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.


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