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counting down the days

I have been shamefully neglecting my poor little blog recently. I’ve been buried in a pile of work, half marathon training and general time-sucking life admin.

This is all about to change. I’m counting down the days.

4 days until I go to Paris to see Olivier for the first time since before Christmas.

3 days until I run the Bath Half Marathon.

2 days until I catch up with some old friends and get a hair cut.

1 day until my birthday.

And I’m hoping this means spring is already here and the countdown is over…


finally february

On Friday afternoon I got an email from Lizzie.

“Can you break Dry January a few hours early?”
“I broke Dry January three days ago!” I replied.
“Good,” she wrote back. “You can come out with me after work then!”

We tried to go to this great wine bar near Embankment but the only available space was outside and it was pouring with rain, so we decamped to Lupita, a Mexican restaurant round the corner.

The others had Margaritas all round, but I hate tequila, so I ordered a cocktail called a Ludwika Paleta, which basically turned out to be a delicious pink vodka-and-strawberry concoction. How glad was I to see the back of Dry January?

We shared a bowl of tortilla chips with their signature “Guacamole Artesanal”, which the waiter makes in front of you – totally delicious! We washed it down with another cocktail each and then finished off with churros and chocolate, which always reminds me of being in Madrid in 2008 with Lizzie, Annabel and a whole bunch of our other university friends. It felt so good to be out and relaxing and socialising on a Friday night like a normal person again!

Later that night I got home and went to bed to the rhythm of the pouring rain hammering on my window, but in the morning I woke up to bright sunshine. I think 1st February is one of my favourite days in the year. The sun always seems to be shining, and it feels like winter is nearly over. February is the shortest month, and this year it’s particularly significant because there’s only one month to go until I see Olivier again. Lizzie and I are running the half marathon on 2nd March, and then on the 3rd I’m heading off to Paris for a week. I can’t wait!

In other news, my dad is now out of hospital and recovering at home. We went to visit him after his operation and the first thing he said to me was, “I’ve worked out the answer to the final clue in last week’s Radio Times prize crossword. Can you fill it in and send it off for me?”

Jeez! The man’s been under general anaesthetic for five hours and now he has a fifteen inch pin in his leg, and that’s the first thing he says when he comes round?

My mum then tried to bully him to eat fruit, resulting in a conversation which went something like this:

Mum: Have some grapes.
Dad: I don’t want any grapes.
Mum: Go on, just eat a few!
Dad: I don’t want any!
Mum: It’ll do you good!
Dad: I’m drinking me tea!
Mum: But –
Me: God, Mum, leave him alone!
Mum: He probably broke his leg on purpose to escape from me.
Me: He probably did and all!

Then my mum asked his nurse how soon he will be up to doing the ironing and she gave my mum a strange look and went, “Ummm, well, he can’t stand up unsupported, so I don’t really think -” before my mum went, “It’s OK, I’m joking!”

She wasn’t joking that much.

Anyway, this weekend has mainly been spent doing things round the house, helping my dad, and, of course, running. I managed to squeeze in two pretty fast runs, so I was happy with that.

I’m finding blogging quite difficult at the moment. This is partly due to lack of time, what with work, my dad and half-marathon training, but also due to the fact that I did something awful to my laptop and am waiting for my mate Dave to come and fix it! So I’m currently having to blog from my iPhone or someone else’s laptop when I can get hold of one.

But I promise to get back to business soon, and to take some pictures to liven things up a bit!

Have a great week, and Happy February!

the ice bath

Yesterday I blogged about my half marathon training and I mentioned that I tried an ice bath for the first time.

Well, I just thought I’d update you. When I went to bed last night my legs felt pretty sore and very heavy. I thought today would be incredibly painful. This morning I woke up and… nothing. No pain. Barely any muscle ache at all.